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   Now a days to start a successful business with low investments is seen as miracle.To own good business is not only matter of pride but fortune also.Millions of people see dream to run profitable business but majority of them don't succeed .There are many reasons for it but the main cause is business without mentor .Yes , the role of mentor is the most important and crucial for any business especially for new venture . We have an ancient proverb that says " Guru Bina Gyan Nahi " . This is more true for business .

     In  present time  sector of capital market is booming . It has made many not only millioneirs but billioners also.It  has still  potential to make many more millionaires condition that entrepreneurs get good guidance and support from mentor . 
  We at GujaratBull   encourage entrepreneurs to join capital market as we  provide the best guidance and support under mentorship of Mr.F.M.Lakhani who has experience of 25 years in capital market .Mr.Lakhani has trained 100s students,traders,investors ,market participants and intermediaries  .
    If you are willing to join  business of capital market with us then simply fill the form given below . We have many categories to offer to you from business associate to franchisee ! 



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Welcome to GujaratBull - a place to make fortune in capital market. At GujaratBull we interact with different type of people from novice to veteran players/investors of share market. We have found mainly two common findings among these people. The first is that majority of them have come into share market to generate some extra income. The second thing is with tips or so called research they sought from here and there. They are told to invest/trade with many ifs, so and then! The stories at other places, too, are not different.      Now if you analyze above findings then you would realize that there is correlation between first and second finding. In share market people get lots of ifs and then to trade/invest and that’s why they do not invest lots of money. They do not have enough confidence in tips/calls/research and that’s why they invest less and expect just extra money. If there are so many ifs and then, then who would be the fellow to pour heavily his/her hard earned money for g…


Basic rule of technical analysis    Minting money in capital market is not so hard either with technical analysis of stocks or fundamental analysis of stocks .The condition is that you follow system of  technical analysis or fundamentals .You need to stick with the rules  you have learned . On other side there is high chances of losing money  if you don't trust yourself and get confused by listening others. The rules of trading and investing are quite different.If your are trading is based on technical analysis and you are  listening guys of  fundamentals then forget making money in market. Here I am sharing real example which will clear doubts about  this basic theory . My study of 7th July on #BankNifty  On 7th July Bank Nifty was struggling to go up and there were hardly any expert who were advocating to buy it . My guess is that they were fearing immediate crash of bank nifty as NPA was hot subject on discussion .On previous day a leading financial news paper had added more …