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इसके बारे में बहुत कम चर्चा हुई है - Suzlon the unnoticed multibagger .

Suzlon के शेयर के बारे में मैने काफी कुछ लिखा है । मैं इसे कई सालो से ट्रैक  कर रहा हु । उन्हीं पर किए हुए कई ट्वीट आपको ट्विटर पर।  मिल जाएंगे जिसमे 2016 में किया हुआ वो ट्वीट भी है जब इसी कंपनी में कुछ जान आने की संभावना दिख रही थी । वैसे आईपीओ और उसके कुछ समय के बाद सुजलॉन कई लोगो की दिलोजान थी । उसने कई लोगो को आईपीओ में मालामाल कर दिया था । एक प्रख्यात बिजनेस चैनल के पत्रकारने भी मुझे ऐसी ही कहानी बताई थी ।  उस वक्त आईपीओ के एलॉटमेंट के  बारे में भी काफी कुछ चर्चा हुई थी मगर इस वक्त वो बात नहीं छेड़नी है । अभी तो नीचे दिया गया चार्ट देखिए ।  आईपीओ के बाद भी इस शेयर का भाव डबल से ज्यादा हुआ था । 2008 में इसने 400 रूपये के ऊपर ट्रेड करना शुरू कर दिया था मगर फिर लिहमान ब्रदर वाली मंद में गिरना शुरू हुआ और फिर कभी संभला ही नही । कई लोगो को आशा थी की इसकी यूनिक प्रोड्यूस होने के  कारण ये फिर से नया हाई लगाएगा मगर ऐसा कुछ हुआ नहीं । इसके पीछे  कई कारण थे ,मुझे जो लॉजिकल लगा वो सुजलॉन द्वारा बनाई जा रही विंडमिल की ब्लेडो से जुड़ा इश्यू था
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Hindustan Unilever a good bet

HUL is one of my favourite stock for investment . Today we played it for trading   via option .     From morning we were holding it but momentum was missing . Now it  waked up . See the chart and trade details .  Here is chart of spot price . 

Bank Nifty heading towards 38000

Just 2 days back I had tweeted that huge opportunity is coming in BankNifty due to a technical event . Ditto has happened . After the tweet BN has rose more than 1500 points .     Now immediate target of BN is 37580 .     ~FiLa 

Women's Day Scholarship

Celebrating international women's day  Like every  year this time too is celebrating International women's day by offering scholarships upto 80% ! Here is more details with Q& A .  Q. How I will get the scholarship ?  To get the scholarship you will have to give simple online test having objective type questions . There will be 8 questions with equal marks . Fir every right question you will be offered 10% scholarship to join stock market course of your choice . If your all answers are correct then you will be offered 80 % scholarship ! That means you will have to pay only 20% fees  .  Q. What is  eligibility to get scholarship ?  1. Every girl / woman who have passed  12th commerce pass is eligible to claim the scholarship .  Q. When and where I have to register to appear in test  Yoo can register by filling form or link given here .  Q. What is the last date to register ?  You can register your name between 8 to 13 the March ,2021. Please note


 Basic rule of technical analysis    Minting money in capital market is not so hard either with technical analysis of stocks or fundamental analysis of stocks .The condition is that you follow system of  technical analysis or fundamentals .You need to stick with the rules  you have learned . On other side there is high chances of losing money  if you don't trust yourself and get confused by listening others. The rules of trading and investing are quite different.If your are trading is based on technical analysis and you are  listening guys of  fundamentals then forget making money in market. Here I am sharing real example which will clear doubts about  this basic theory . My study of 7th July on #BankNifty  On 7th July Bank Nifty was struggling to go up and there were hardly any expert who were advocating to buy it . My guess is that they were fearing immediate crash of bank nifty as NPA was hot subject on discussion .On previous day a leading financial news paper had adde

RBI credit policy

 Today RBI will review credit policy . RBI’s six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)   is meeting second time after demonetization .   Market is expecting  25 basis points cut in repo rate . Repo rate is short form of repurchase rate .It is also known as short term lending rate. RBI lends money to commercial bank as per this rate . Low repo rate is not only beneficiary to commercial bank but also to industry .  Commercial banks can lend money at low rate to industry if they get benefited  from RBI .       In last meeting MPC had  left repo rate unchanged to 6.25 % . The decision was taken considering some internal as well as external factors .  The  main external factors which were considered by MPC were possible rate hike by US fed and rising oil price as well as US dollar . At present US federal reserve has preferred pause for rate hike but concern of rising oil price has not gone away . Rising oil prices is a  challenge to India’s growth. Economic Survey presented in Parl

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